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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Environment Cleanup
Environmental Cleanup Process
Environmental Baseline Survey
Environmental Impact Statement
Environmental Cleanup Photos

Environmental Cleanup Photos
Drilling and soil identification for the installation of a ground monitoring well near the GSA Warehouse, Parcel 151(7)
Drilling and rock coring activities at Range J, Parcel 202(7)
Demolition setup (performance and detonating cord) on 2.36 inch rocket at the proposed Eastern Bypass area.
Surface clearance on the proposed Eastern Bypass. Lanes are marked off and metal detectors are used to locate suspected anomalies. Flags mark the spots that will later be checked for debris
Drum being emptied for scrap ordnance and explosives processing.
Brush/tree removal on the proposed Eastern Bypass area using heavy equipment and Tubgrinders.
Scrap processing/hand sorting rockets which will be sent to the remote band saws for processing.
Quality Control (QC) validation on the proposed Eastern Bypass area.
Ecology block fabrication which is used around mechanical removal equipment for blast/fragmentation protection.
Remote Band Saws used to cut through 2.36 inch rocker mortars to see if there is any motor propellant left. Also shows ecology block wall used for blast/fragmentation protection.
Sorting of small arms (5.56mm, 7.62mm and 30 caliber) for demilitarization of items found on the installation.
Mapping using Constellation/EM-61 at the 40 Acre Extension.
Vehicle Towed Array (VTA) used for detection and mapping in the Fish and Wildlife area.

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