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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Environment Cleanup
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Environmental Baseline Survey
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Environmental Baseline Survey
BRAC environmental restoration guidelines for closing or realignment of federal properties require development of an Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS). The EBS is the starting point for classifying property into the seven DoD "environmental condition of property (ECOP)" categories, and to evaluate adjacent properties that may affect the BRAC property. Public Law 102-426, the Community Environmental Response Facilitation Action (CERFA), requires closing installations to expeditiously identify any real property that can be immediately transferred to the public for reuse or redevelopment. The investigations conducted during preparation of the EBS satisfy the CERFA requirement by identifying real property parcels where no hazardous substances or petroleum products, or their derivatives regulated by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) were stored for more than one year, or are known to have been released or disposed of. These CERFA "clean" parcels, as well as other parcels which require some form of restoration are identified in the EBS. The "clean" parcels are eligible for immediate transfer or lease. The CERFA disqualified parcels include areas and buildings where hazardous substances or petroleum products are known to have been stored, released, or disposed of at some point in the facility's history, or areas which require resolution of some other environmental or safety issue prior to final transfer. The EBS is used as the basis of the BRAC Cleanup Plan. Some of the documents the Army has prepared regarding specific parcels may be viewed from the the Public Documents page.

Click here to view available EBS document.

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